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Empower the young minds of today, and they will build a brighter, more equitable future tomorrow. Say NO to child marriage!

—Parshuram Yadav
Tuleshwar Yadav

Our mission is to help people by distributing Money and Service globally.

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Help in Marriage of Poor Girls.

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Our Mission and Goals

Homeless Charities.

Homeless charities offer assistance to those in need on the streets.

Education Charities.

Education charities promote access to quality education for all, fostering brighter futures.

Health Charities.

Health charities work to improve healthcare access and outcomes, enhancing well-being for communities.

Animal Charities.

Animal charities advocate for the welfare and protection of animals, striving to create a better world for all species.

Food Charities.

Food charities combat hunger by providing nourishment to those in need, one meal at a time

Eco Charities.

Eco charities champion environmental conservation and sustainability for a healthier planet.